Monday, September 8, 2008

Few recent pictures...

Still having photo upload issues. These are some more recent photos... I have another great giggle video and a crawling video for Erica to check out but I guess I will have to take the laptop to the computer shop!

Monkey see, monkey do! Like father, like daughter!

Look...How TINY!

Just a few of my favorite pictures... Aubrey is almost 9 months old! Can you believe it? 9 months? WoW! Time sure has flown by so fast! Now she is crawling all over the place and having a good time doing it! I have done something to the laptop computer so I have been slacking at adding pictures...
Gee, gee, gee! Just look at that gummy smile! Now it's filling far two little teeth and "e" is soon to pop through!
First few bites of baby cereal! She liked it then learned to not like it... So picky!
Outside watching daddy cut the grass... Such a day this of those first few teething pains that seemed to last months! I just loved her in this pink lady bug dress from her Auntie!
Being silly!
Learning to roll around!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Aubrey is a little robot! CRAWLING!!! Yes, CRAWLING!!! Video and pictures to follow. All of this has happened in a week! Next thing she will be doing is pulling up on things...which has actually started. I can see the curiosity in her eyes! WATCH OUT WORLD, HERE SHE COMES!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My AWESOME brother!!!

My brother's family. . . His wife Kristen and their baby girl Avery. Avery is 9 months older to the day than Aubrey. We are looking forward to a visit real soon! We have quite the "A" team: Avery + Aubrey = AWESOME!!! This picture was taken shortly before he left last September.
My brother doing what he loves to do...FLY!!! He is currently finishing his 15 month deployment. We can not wait for him to GET HOME!

4 Generations!!!

4 Generations worth! It's amazing how time just goes by so fast! My grandma traveled all the way from Iowa to see Aubrey in person. This is her first time out. We were able to make arrangements for a direct flight! We are hoping she will make the trip again real soon! My grandma will be celebrating her 75th birthday and we got the best cake from Charles Street Bakery! Absolutely delicious!