Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sotterly Plantation...

Such a beautiful fall day. We took advantage of it and went to Sotterly for a family photo shoot...

I just LOVE my baby! I can not believe she will be 1 in almost a month! She has grown so fast and has become more independent and strongly opinionated...just like her daddy!

Aubrey still looks just like Shawn!!! There is no hope for me... The only time she looks like me is when she is being fussy!

We are so blessed to have such a beautiful family!

Look what I can do...

Can you believe it??? Yes, Aubrey is standing and she is a climber! Climbing on top of the Huggies box kept her occupied for a solid 30 minutes or so...
Check out the tippy toe action! She has such little Cinderella feet! Me on the other hand, not so lucky!
Mission accomplished!

Jack o Lantern...

Pumpkin fun with Ms. Amy

Ms. Amy, Aubrey's new teacher, brought in a pumpkin for all the babies to have a fun messy time.Diggin' out pumpkin guts, Aubrey not to keen on the idea...Now she's helping! Yeah, carve away!Yucky! Icky! Slimy!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick or treat...

Aubrey's Halloween outfit... As you can see she is drooling up a storm #E is almost here! Any day know and she will have 3 teeth. Two on the bottom and one on top. I am hoping she has the three for awhile... HOW CUTE!!!

In these two pictures Aubrey is identical to Shawn's baby pictures, I wish my scanner worked so I can post Shawn's. I get lots of comments... "Oh she looks just like you" thanks but they must not have seen my other half. Aubrey is an exact image of her daddy!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Monkey see, monkey do...


Aubrey LOVES to play in Broughton's water dish! Let me see if there is anyone around....
YUP! A big "No, No" but it's too much fun to stop!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More to come...

I have some catching up to do... I am so glad to have the laptop back!

I can not believe that October is almost over... My brother should be coming home from Iraq at the end of November and hopefully arriving back to Fort Riley, KS the first week in December. I am so excited for Kristen and Avery to have him back home. In the spring they will be headed back to Fort Rucker, AL. Timothy hopes to have an instructor pilot job. How neat is that! I know we will be glad to have him back on the east coast... 15 hour drive away instead of an airline ride plus a 2.5 hour car ride.

Thanksgiving we are staying home. Angela has signed me up to go out shopping the day after...I said only if she off we will go!

I have Aubrey's first birthday party in the making. We are having it the first Saturday the 6th of December. It's hard to believe the first year has gone by so fast!!!!

Tooth Fairy...

9 months and growing...

It's hard to believe 9 months has gone by...where has the time gone?Oh! So PRETTY!

Aubrey's 90 lb toy... Broughton adores Aubrey. Our big "Dinky" is great at hide and seek... it comes in handy now that Aubrey is crawling all over the place. "Broughton, where's Aubrey?" He finds her every time!


Can we get a yuckier face??? Aubrey went through a phase ... she snorted at EVERYTHING!! I guess she did not like the new flavor...

Auntie Jenny for a visit....

Jenn came into town for a short weekend visit and spent the day with us!!! We are looking forward to her next visit in December for Aubrey's FIRST birthday bash!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Few recent pictures...

Still having photo upload issues. These are some more recent photos... I have another great giggle video and a crawling video for Erica to check out but I guess I will have to take the laptop to the computer shop!

Monkey see, monkey do! Like father, like daughter!

Look...How TINY!

Just a few of my favorite pictures... Aubrey is almost 9 months old! Can you believe it? 9 months? WoW! Time sure has flown by so fast! Now she is crawling all over the place and having a good time doing it! I have done something to the laptop computer so I have been slacking at adding pictures...
Gee, gee, gee! Just look at that gummy smile! Now it's filling far two little teeth and "e" is soon to pop through!
First few bites of baby cereal! She liked it then learned to not like it... So picky!
Outside watching daddy cut the grass... Such a day this of those first few teething pains that seemed to last months! I just loved her in this pink lady bug dress from her Auntie!
Being silly!
Learning to roll around!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Aubrey is a little robot! CRAWLING!!! Yes, CRAWLING!!! Video and pictures to follow. All of this has happened in a week! Next thing she will be doing is pulling up on things...which has actually started. I can see the curiosity in her eyes! WATCH OUT WORLD, HERE SHE COMES!

Monday, September 1, 2008

My AWESOME brother!!!

My brother's family. . . His wife Kristen and their baby girl Avery. Avery is 9 months older to the day than Aubrey. We are looking forward to a visit real soon! We have quite the "A" team: Avery + Aubrey = AWESOME!!! This picture was taken shortly before he left last September.
My brother doing what he loves to do...FLY!!! He is currently finishing his 15 month deployment. We can not wait for him to GET HOME!

4 Generations!!!

4 Generations worth! It's amazing how time just goes by so fast! My grandma traveled all the way from Iowa to see Aubrey in person. This is her first time out. We were able to make arrangements for a direct flight! We are hoping she will make the trip again real soon! My grandma will be celebrating her 75th birthday and we got the best cake from Charles Street Bakery! Absolutely delicious!